First Year Mandatory Advising

What is First Year Mandatory Advising?

First Year Mandatory Advising is a way to ensure that you get a strong start at UC Davis. We want you to meet with your academic adviser in the Biology Academic Success Center once during your first 4 months at UC Davis so you can: (1) learn about the requirements for your major, (2) plan your winter and/or spring schedules, (3) get to know your academic adviser and vice versa, (4) learn about the resources available to you at UC Davis, and (4) address any academic or personal issues before they start.

What is the deadline for First Year Mandatory Advising?

First Year Mandatory Advising must be completed between September 25, 2017 - February 2, 2018. Please complete and submit the Mandatory Advising Questionnaire, which you will find when you schedule an appointment.

Transfer students are encouraged to schedule an appointment during fall quarter!

Why should I come to First Year Mandatory Advising?

Your academic adviser is one of your best all-around resources on campus. First Year Mandatory Advising is an opportunity for your adviser to meet you, learn about your personal goals, and help you chart a path to success. While your academic adviser has plenty of resources they can tell you about, you can use your appointment to ask questions about matters you are interested in. Here are some questions you may want to ask your adviser:

  • As a biology major can I study abroad?
  • I want to be a vet/doctor, what must I do to successfully pursue my ideal career?
  • How do I get involved with clubs and student groups on campus?
  • What are the lower and upper division requirements for my major?
  • The GE requirements are confusing, can you explain them again?
  • I failed my first midterm – now what?
  • When and where should I look for internship and research opportunities?
  • I am feeling overwhelmed by my classes, what should I do?
  • I want to take classes over the summer, how do I do this?
  • I think I want to change my major, how do I find a different major?

The benefits you receive from your mandatory advising appointment will depend in large part on the effort you put in to the conversation. Before meeting with an adviser read your first-year handbook, read about the requirements for your major in the UC Davis course catalog, and write out a list of your questions.

What should I bring to mandatory advising?

Please fill out the questionaire when you schedule an appointment using our Scheduling system.

Can I come to First Year Mandatory Advising before school starts?

No, mandatory advising appointments are only available starting Welcome Week (late September). We want you to be an active student, who has experienced life at UC Davis, before meeting with your academic adviser. We find that this makes for more fruitful conversations with our students.

Who has to participate in First Year Mandatory Advising?

All first year students, both freshmen and first year transfer students, are required to attend mandatory advising.

What are the consequences for skipping First Year Mandatory Advising?

At the beginning of the school year a spring quarter registration hold is placed on your record. That hold will be removed until you attend a mandatory advising appointment. Past the February 2 deadline, you will not be able to register for classes in spring quarter until you meet with an adviser. This may negatively affect your ability to get the classes you want/need for spring quarter. Plan ahead! Come to mandatory advising well before the deadline.

Can I come to drop-in hours or meet with a peer adviser instead?

No, a mandatory advising appointment requires 30 minutes of time with an adviser for your major. Please use our online appointment system to schedule an appointment. You are welcome to meet with a peer adviser or come to drop-in advising for any other matter, but these meetings will not count as your mandatory advising appointment.

How do I make an appointment for First Year Mandatory Advising?

To schedule a mandatory advising appointment visit the BASC website. We only schedule appointments two-weeks in advance. If you try to schedule an appointment and you receive a message that no appointments are available please try again the following day.

What if I cannot come to First Year Mandatory Advising?

You have over 4 months to schedule and attend a mandatory advising appointment. If you have personal, extenuating circumstances that prevent you from scheduling or attending an appointment please contact your academic adviser directly and we will work with you to find a reasonable solution.

What if I am planning to change my major out of CBS, should I still come to First Year Mandatory Advising?

Until you officially change your major, you are considered a CBS student, therefore you are required to attend mandatory advising. Your current academic adviser can still help you with the logistics of changing your major and will be able discuss with you any general topics and/or concerns pertaining to UC Davis.