Forms and Petitions

The criteria contained for most CBS petitions are representative of requirements pertaining to the UC Davis Academic Senate Regulations, and can be found in the UC Davis General Catalog.

Questions about course substitutions in your major should be directed to your major advisor.

Some of the following petitions and forms may be downloaded, but others are only available for on-line submission. Paper forms or petitions may be submitted in person or via email. If you submit the forms via email please note the following:

  • Please scan and attach any required documentation pertaining to the form.
  • We can receive online forms only from your UC Davis email address.
  • An email from your UC Davis email address serves as an electronic signature.
  • Forms and petitions will be processed within three to five business days upon receipt.
  • You will be notified via email to your UC Davis address when the form or petition has been processed.

Petition for BIS Major Substitution

Download form

To request a substitution for Biological Sciences major depth requirement course(s).

Change of College Form

Download form

When planning a change from CBS to another UCD college, have this form filled out and signed by the new academic adviser. It may be accompanied by the Change of Major Petition.

Change of Major Form – Office of the University Registrar

This form must be submitted online.

To be used to change your major or to declare a multiple major.

Petition for Minor

File this petition online. It will be reviewed in the College of your declared major after your CBS Adviser has approved the minor.

Petition for Excess 200 Unit

You must file your Excess Unit petition online. At 200 units, students must demonstrate ability to complete all major, double major and/or minor requirements under the 225 unit limitation. This petition should accompany ALL double major petition requests. 

Petition to Extend Incomplete Deadline

Use this online form to extend an incomplete deadline beyond the allotted three (3) registered quarters. This form may require approval from your Instructor; or Department Chair if the instructor is not available.

General Petition

Use this online form. Can be used when other UC Davis or CBS forms or petitions do not seem to address your unique situation.

Late Drop or Change to P/NP

Late Drop Petition:

Use this online form.  Submit this online petition to drop a class after the 10- or 20-day drop deadline.  Once approved, you will receive a Petition to Drop (PTD) number via your Oasis form for you to use in order to drop the course. 

Late Change to P/NP:

Meet with a BASC advisor. To change the grading option for a course after the 25th day of instruction deadline, please schedule an appointment to meet with a BASC advisor regarding your request.  If your request is approved, your advisor will forward the online Late Change to P/NP petition for you to complete and submit. 

If you are attempting to switch sections of the same course after the add/drop deadline, but on or before the last day of instruction, submit an Undergraduate Course Change form.

  1. Obtain instructor permission/signature for the course you are attempting to switch enrollment.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Office of the University Registrar.
  3. A $3.00 late schedule adjustment fee will be assessed to your account.

Do not attempt to add the desired course with a PTA number after the drop deadline. If you add the course with a PTA number after the drop deadline, you will not be able to drop the old section. Should you add the new section with a PTA number after the drop deadline, contact the Office of the University Registrar to request the drop of the old course section. You will not need to fill out the Late Drop or Change to P/NP Petition.

Petition for Multiple Major

To add more than one major to your student record, please include the following two petitions:

1) Petition for Multiple Major

2) Petition for Excess Units

Request for Reciprocity Verification

Download form

If you are transferring to another UC, and have completed your general education program (excluding the upper division writing requirement), use this form to waive the general education requirements at the new campus. If you have completed GE at UCD, the other UC will honor the accomplishment.

Petition to Repeat Course for a Second Time

Use this online form

In order to repeat a course for the second time (in other words, you need to attempt it for a third time), use this petition. Do not submit this petition if you have earned a C- or better in a class.

Petition to Waive Senior Residence Unit Limitation

Use this online form As a graduating senior, 35 of the final 45 quarter units completed by each candidate must be earned while in residence on the UC Davis campus. Submit this petition if you have extenuating circumstances preventing you from meeting this requirement.

Petition for Simultaneous Enrollment

Download form. Use this petition to enroll simultaneously at UC Davis and another institution.

NOTE: students must request approval of this petition before you enroll in the course at the other institution. If you complete coursework at another institution without prior permission, this petition will not be approved and you will NOT receive credit.

Veteran Academic Planning Form

Download form

Students receiving veteran, pre and post-9/11 GI Bill benefits need to work in coordination with the Transfer, Re-entry, Veteran (TRV) Center and the Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) in a timely fashion to ensure benefits get processed appropriately. Both new and continuing students expecting to receive benefits need to complete this form annually or if there is a change to your current plan.