Minimum Progress

Calculating your units

Minimum progress calculations include:

  • Required non-credit courses, e.g., Mathematics B, will be evaluated according to the "Carnegie unit" rule and counted as units passed, although these courses shall not be applied toward the satisfaction of baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • Repeated courses passed to improve D or F grades up to a maximum of 16 units.
  • Courses passed in Summer Sessions at UC Davis or at another accredited school and transferred to UC Davis will be counted as units passed (applied to the next full-time quarter of enrollment immediately following the summer session).
  • Courses passed by examination in accordance with policies established by the Divisional Committee on Courses (applied to quarter in which exam is taken).
  • Courses that are IP (in progress) will be counted as units passed.
  • Courses graded I will be counted as units passed when replaced by a passing grade (applied to the quarter in which the I grade is received).

Advanced Placement units and units taken prior to a student's first regular quarter at UC Davis will not be counted. Also, units taken during an Official Part-Time quarter will not be counted.

If you are not meeting 39 units after Spring quarter

Minimum progress is calculated at the end of every Spring Quarter for the preceding academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Full-time students who fall below the number of units required for minimum progress (an average of 13 passed per quarter of enrollment) will have their record reviewed. Once the review process is complete, students will be notified via their UC Davis campus email and will receive specific instructions on how to proceed. Examples of what will be expected include:

  • Completing units at a California Community College or at UC Davis in the summer 
  • Completing extra units in the following fall quarter – this option is best if students are only 1-3 units short (add 1-3 units to the regular workload of 13 units)