Probation and Dismissal

Failure to meet the qualitative (academic) or quantitative (minimum progress) standards will result in the student being placed on probation or subject to disqualification status and subject to dean's review and action.

Following each quarter, records for students who are subject to disqualification for qualitative reasons, quantitative reasons, or both, are reviewed. Once the review process is complete, students will be notified of their final status via their UC Davis campus email and will receive specific instructions on how to proceed.  Click here for more on our processes.  If you have recently been dismissed, review the following "Dismissal Exit Counseling" document here.

Qualitative Standards

Qualitative standards require a student to maintain a C average (2.00) or better for all work completed and for work completed in any given quarter.

A student will be placed on probation at the end of any quarter if his or her GPA is:

  1. Less than 2.00 but greater than 1.50
  2. Less than 2.00 overall

A student will be subject to disqualification at the end of any quarter if his or her GPA is:

  1. Less than a 1.50 for the quarter, or
  2. Less than a 1.50 overall, or
  3. The student has accumulated more than 16 units of Incomplete grades, or
  4. Has completed two consecutive quarters on academic probation, (Probation, Probation Continued) or
  5. Has not fully returned to Good Standing if previous quarter was on Subject to Disqualification

Quantitative Standards

Quantitative standards require a full-time registered student to maintain an average of 13.0 units for all quarters of enrollment. Minimum progress is calculated at the end of each spring quarter. Any quarter for which the student was officially approved for part-time status will be omitted from the MP calculation.

A student whose average number of units passed is:

1. Less than 13 but greater than or equal to 12 shall be placed on academic probation for quantitative reasons.
2. Less than 12 shall be subject to academic disqualification for quantitative reasons.

NOTE: A student subject to disqualification for quantitative reasons for two consecutive, full-time quarters shall be disqualified from the university.

Please refer to the General Catalog for complete information on probation/dismissal.